Wednesday, August 11, 2021

My Experience in Fukuoka and Nagasaki, Japan Part 2

Never in my life would I expect to see a food truck selling Peruvian food in Japan!

One thing I forgot to mention on my second day in Fukuoka was at nighttime, after exploring Ohori Park, I see a mini food park set up there, with all kinds of food and handcrafts around it! I see a Filipino booth there, but what made me interested the most was this food booth handled by a Peruvian family! I saw grilled chicken or Pollo a la brasa but since I was meeting my friend up that night for dinner, I decided to have the Salchipapas or the grilled cut up sausage on top with fries and spicy sauce. I noticed that the staff were native Peruvians so I jump in and start conversing with them in Spanish, which completely shocks them! I begin to see that the chef Geraldine cooking at the car area and her family recently moved to Fukuoka and that they were adjusting to life in Fukuoka. I told them how much I loved Peruvian culture due to my boss back when I was living in US. Little did I know that one year later, I would be making it to Peru myself as well! It was short but sweet for me because I know I attract Latinos and especially Brazilians due to me being in love with their food and culture. That night, I met my Pinay friend Lyn, and start spending time with the community she has in Fukuoka. I am amazed at how long Pinays have been living in Fukuoka with people being there as long as 20 years! This city has really made a Filipino community for itself!

Sushi is always a great option wherever I go in Japan!

So my next day in Fukuoka begins with talking to one of my roommates for the first time ever! Low and behold, I meet someone from UK, and his name is Manish! Immediately got along after I mentioned I'm from Philippines! We had lunch together at a sushi place, and got to know each other pretty quick! I love how I quick it was for me to make friends simply because I just travel on my own, and have no one else to talk to! For me, that kind of confidence came through experience! I have attempted traveling on my own many times, especially to places where English isn't the main language, and through those experiences, you learn to talk to people and develop meaningful relationships with them. It's okay if you want to travel only to places where English is the main language, but for me, I loved being able to tackle a difficult language such as Japanese, and be able to have conversations with locals, as well as be able to help out people who may struggle or find it difficult to deal with language or cultural barriers. It's a big confidence and self esteem booster from being able to make friends with people you just met, to being able to dine in, converse with locals, and use public transport on your own. I never want to stop exploring this great big world around us!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

2020 Finally Done! How About You, 2021?

Miss this a lot! Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2018. Having family and friends makes everything better!

This past year 2020 has been tough on everyone! Whether it's you whose been affected or someone you know who has gotten sick from Coronavirus or all of a sudden passed away, it's been absolutely tough on everyone. Time has just basically paused, and the chances of a normal life again seem to be less and less these days. I'm very lucky though that my direct family and closest friends are alright. Although it seems like just the most basic task to do like going to do groceries or shopping is either too risky or gives you a severe case of paranoia. And current politics, corrupt government, and police brutality just add to the many problems that all of us encounter everyday here! It seems like this cycle may never end, and everyone just wants to get their life back on track.

Friday, October 30, 2020

My Experience in Fukuoka and Nagasaki, Japan Part 1

Fall in love with discovering Fukuoka prefecture and the rest of Kyushu!

When it comes to traveling, Japan has got to be in my top 5 or even top 3 favorite countries in the world. No matter what anyone says, it remains to this day one of those countries that have had a positive impact in my life. That impact has been the reason why I have been to Japan at least 10 times in my life. I have gone from the very north in Hokkaido and all the way south in the Kyushu islands, and even the remote islands of Okinawa, Japan. There's something that Japan has to offer in terms of food, culture and atmosphere for everyone. Add the fact that it's so safe there for solo travelers, it's no wonder it made such a huge positive impact in my life!

Ai-san picked me up at the airport in Fukuoka, so I gave her a box of homemade cupcakes!

So when you're in a country with as much varied landscapes as Japan, the thing you should do is to explore outside of the city. Don't just visit Tokyo or Osaka, but rather see the other less explored places of Japan as well. When you go outside of the less commercialized places, you get to see more unique things that are not commonly seen in your own country. You get to see more of the real culture and history that Japan has, and not what you always see on TV. I live for getting unique experiences that I don't normally see in my home country. It makes life worth living as well as gives me the motivation to discover more and open myself to others.

Going on a roadtrip with Ai-san to the beach was so refreshing for me! Love it!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

I Learned to Cut My Own Hair, and You Should Try, Too!

Been a challenge, but I've enjoyed learning to cut my own hair!

During the lockdown, did you ever feel frustrated that your hair started growing longer and longer, and due to the pandemic, you couldn't have it cut? I felt that. I'm sure you may have had a new goal, and that is to trying growing it as long as you can, and maybe decide later on whether or not you want to chop it all off, and donate it. However, I have already done that back in 2017 when I grew the top part of my hair for 2 1/2 years. So having experienced that, I don't plan to grow my hair at least 12 inches again anytime soon. It's hot where I live most of the time, and having long hair can be frustrating and itchy, especially when you are someone who sweats quickly like me.

My hair grows really fast: I used to get a haircut once every 4-5 weeks, but just mostly my sideburns, and back part! How often do you get your haircut? And on average, how much does it cost? Getting a haircut at a hair salon or barbershop can be expensive because you're basically paying for a service done by a group of people. In Philippines, the average haircut at a barbershop or salon is around PHP 250 or around $5 USD and up plus tips. The money you pay goes not only to the person cutting your hair, but also the person showering your hair after, sweeping the hair on the floor, and even the person managing the cash register, and the person who owns the entire business who has to pay rent and the rest of the bills. Maybe it's cheap for you, but can you imagine how much money you'd save if you invested on hair clippers, scissors and other equipment, and just do it!
This was the first time I cut my own hair ever since 2014!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

What Have You Done to Keep Yourself Sane During This Pandemic?

Memories of being at Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, Australia back in 2019 that I cherish especially right now!
Let's face it: we're all having difficulties adjusting to the new norm of living life during lockdown. The coronavirus outbreak has cost us our loved ones, our past lifestyles, and possibly our sanity. This global pandemic has led us to reflect on what we need to do moving forward. Things are probably not gonna be the same in the coming future. We are constantly sanitizing ourselves, wearing facemasks, and practicing social distancing from others. This may or not drive you crazy, but without a doubt, it has impacted everyone else's lives, one way or another. Many have lost their jobs or have been laid off due to this impact. Many are struggling financially due to unemployment and have us worrying what this pandemic will be moving forward. Our nightlife has been greatly impacted. Just a simple thing like going to the supermarket, getting a haircut or just going to work has been difficult and scary to do because of the lockdown. So many places have closed and gone out of business as well.
Poured my heart and soul into making pastries that others will enjoy like these cream cheese brownies!
Some have gone into depression, and it has greatly affected their mental health. Many have found other outlets just to keep themselves sane. Some have even taken their businesses online, and finding new ways to get themselves more involved on social media. Some have taken a break, and have finally focused on their well being. Whether or not you're learning or earning during this pandemic, know this, whatever you're doing is valid. Just make sure you're keeping yourself sane, and you're wearing facemasks, constantly sanitizing, washing your hands, and avoiding crowds. So now I ask this: What have you done to keep yourself sane during this pandemic?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

My Attempt at Making Salvadoran Pupusas from Tasty

Burst of flavors and textures right here! I love how intense it looked and tasted!
I love tasting new things from around the world! Growing up, I didn't get much chances to try different kinds of food since I had parents that were traditional and always liked eating mostly Asian cuisine at home. I wanted to taste the world since I grew up surrounded by people of all nationalities. I wanted to try all kinds of cuisines as well as products from particular countries. When I lived in US for a year, I encountered so many kinds of cuisines since US is so diverse. Mexican food was so popular that it became a comfort food for me. I got access to other latino and south american dishes from my boss who was Peruvian. I loved the zesty, citrusy, intense and flavorful dishes they had! It was tangy and refreshing without being too greasy, oily or bitter like many dishes I have tried in Filipino, American, Chinese or other cuisines. 
Some people prefer it without the refried beans, so you can do without it. It's a flexible recipe!
When I moved from Nashville, Tennessee to San Francisco, California for a month before moving back to Manila, I wanted to maximize my time in California by trying out all kinds of dishes that I wouldn't normally get back at home. From French Soul Food to Mexican to Asian fusion to Brazilian and even Salvadoran food, I had the chance to taste the world at the palm of my hands! I had so many memorable moments that I could relate it to a certain dish or cuisine I have tried! I encountered this dish called Pupusas from a friend I met who had Salvadoran relatives. It's a flatbread made from masa harina or ground cornmeal with several fillings inside. It gave me great excitement when I saw it being opened, and the gooey, stretchy cheese just expanded from the inside! The flavors and textures it had gave me so much happiness, that it motivated me to make it myself because there aren't any places in Philippines that offers this type of cuisine. 
I kind of burned my fingers trying to open this up because I wanted to see the cheese stretch!
I always believed that if you want a certain type of dish, you should learn how to make it yourself. I always have attempted to try making certain dishes at home if I have certain cravings because it makes me try new things. I wanted to let my family see things that I tried abroad, and hopefully would enjoy themselves. Some of the things that were frustrating were lack of ingredients but thankfully, places like Amazon or even Healthy Options had certain ingredients that were difficult to find! My whole motivation with cooking since the beginning has always been because I wanted to make dishes that I actually enjoyed eating. 

Sunday, May 31, 2020

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Hokkaido, Japan

This snow sculpture right here was more than enough reason for me to go to Hokkaido!
Hey world. I hope everyone is okay despite the coronavirus situations going on. I took a long break from writing for many reasons apart from just traveling and exploring. I went back to dancing more often last 2019, and started taking dance classes again. It took up a lot of time that I normally used for watching random Youtube videos, sleeping, as well as hanging out with friends partying or exercising. Now normally, a lot of people try to exercise during Christmas season or diet before pigging out and going all out on eating at Christmas eve. Food during Christmas eve or also known as "Noche Buena" is one of the traits that happens here during Christmas season. Filipinos love Christmas season. They start celebrating it as soon as the "ber months" begin (September, October, etc.) We try to mimic a lot of Christmas traditions here which other countries (especially in Asia) would find weird. One Christmas thing that Philippines can't get due to its geographic location is snow. Unlike the northern parts of Asia, Philippines doesn't get cold much. We're a tropical country so it's mostly sun and rain we have here. I know a lot of people in Philippines would like to experience a white Christmas or Christmas where we see snow so delicate and white, but since it's not possible to experience it in this country, I would definitely make a suggestion to try out a city that has snowy seasons, but isn't as far away from Philippines like US and Canada is. That city is Sapporo in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan!

Otaru Canal! So much beauty all around it! Go to Otaru Saint Germain near the train station for some amazing pastries!
Without a doubt, Japan is my favorite country in Asia, and maybe even the world! I have explored probably more places in Japan than most people I know! So when I went to Hokkaido, it was not only beautiful, but really life changing! Japan has such varied landscapes. Hokkaido is Japan's northernmost island. It is well known for its culinary culture, beautiful city life and amazing natural beauty! Every season has special events such as the Sapporo Winter Festival in Odori Park or the Ice Festival in Biei! It may be completely different weather from the tropical climate I'm used to in Philippines, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to explore this amazing and unique part of Japan! So here are 10 reason why you should go to Hokkaido, Japan!

When going to Asahikawa, make sure to stop by Ramen Aoba for their delicious ramen!
1. The Sapporo Winter Festival!

I cannot tell you enough how much this event changed my perception of perfection in Japan! This annual festival features snow sculptures from all over the world, and my goodness the works of art there showed me just how amazing not only the snow sculptures are, but also the people behind the works of art! It is really perfection brought to life! Some examples include a life size statue of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, a fully detailed Japanese temple with a projector animation included, and several popular cartoon characters brought to life like Pokemon, Star Wars and even Youtube sensations like Pineapple Pen! It may not sound appealing through writing, but once you look at the photos of the Winter Festival, as well as the videos, you will see why I fell in love with Hokkaido! That event alone should be the main reason why you should go there! They got activities, performances as well as super delicious food being sold everywhere there!

During the Sapporo Snow Festival, they set this man made snow slope for you to go snowboarding at!
There are even several foreign souvenirs being sold there, depending on the theme such as Russian dolls or Finnish handcrafts! I had an amazing time just walking around, and seeing the amazing works of art! They even add animation to some of the works of art there using a projector screen! The music performances during the night as well as the music applied to the snow sculptures make it an incredible experience! If there's any reason to come to Hokkaido, this would be the number one reason! I cannot wait until I have the chance to make it there again!

This is a Chirashi don with everything on it! When you go to Hakodate morning market, make sure to try their food!

2. Some of the best seafood and fish in all of Japan!

A friend of mine once told me that the colder the region is, the tastier and more savory the fish will be! Hokkaido is no exception! You want the best seafood in all of Japan?! Most likely Hokkaido has it for you! Based on my experience, seafood in Japan tastes so fresh and amazing, without that fishy or in Tagalog "malansa" after taste. Most of the travelers I have met have said that Japan is seafood heaven, and that some of the best tasting fish comes here! Buttery, fatty, melting, and heavenly goodness. The typical Japanese diet is heavily seafood based, which is no surprise since Japan is surrounded by seas all over its island. Other places that offer very tasty seafood are the prefectures of Sendai and Aomori, which is also known for their top quality tuna! Remember: when in the northern parts of Japan, do not miss out on the seafood!

This Otoru fatty tuna belly sushi makes all the language and cultural barriers worth it!