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Make 2018 Your Year! Do What YOU Want to do!

Hokkaido is a must if you the chance to go to Japan! Especially during Snow Festival! <3
How's everybody's Christmas going?! It's only a couple days left before we welcome the New Year! And I wanted to ask something: were you able to do what you wanted to do this 2017? And if not, why is that? And also, are you planning to do what you REALLY want to do this 2018? We all tend to make these New Years Resolution promises and really, only a handful of us are actually doing it and making it come true. We all have dreams and aspirations, but a lot of things tends to hinder us from doing it (priorities, work, family, financial problems, etc.) Really and truly, if there is something that you really want to do, or if there is a place you really want to go, then you will find a way to get it. You just need to take the first step and acknowledge it!
I would like to think that I have walked many corners of this world! I may not be as well-traveled as other wanderlust, but hey I am getting there! =)
Personally, what I want to do is to travel to these two particular countries because not only is it super far, but it also has a culture that is so unique from any culture that I am surrounded with! These countries are BRAZIL and PERU! I know plane tickets are super expensive to get there and the travel time getting there takes at least 30 HOURS of flight to get there (with layovers), but hey! Right now is the youngest I will ever be, and I don't think I'm getting any younger as each day passes! I see it in much older adults: patience is slowly decreasing. The patience to endure a long haul flight, especially 14-15 hr flights to get to anywhere is more difficult as you age! From booking flights, to carrying heavy luggages, to hiking and constantly walking and being on the go, it decreases drastically as you get older. I will do my best to avoid becoming that.
One of my Japanese friends based in Philippines! Junichi-san helped me improve my speaking, reading and writing skills, which gave me more convenience while exploring Japan!
I see many families having the time and priviledge to travel to far away countries from my home country (Philippines) such as Australia, US, Canada or Europe. Sometimes I envy those people because I don't have the opportunity to travel with family that far simply because time and patience are what many lack, aside from finances! We work to live, and I always wonder: are you really happy? Genuinely, randomly smiling in the middle of nowhere, and giggling happy? If not, why? Why are you so afraid to take that big step to travel to that country that you genuinely want to go to? Why aren't you fulfilling your dream ambitions or doing that dream job that you want? Priorities and fear always prevent us from doing what we really want to do.

At Bohol's Chocolate Hills. I have travelled locally with friends like Jeff from Canada, but I know these provinces will always be there for me!
I am very honest about the countries I want to go to. A lot of people know that I am personally sick and tired of going to the countries that my family keeps going to (Taiwan and Hong Kong) because I have been there almost 20 times, and I am so unfulfilled there. Nothing excites me there anymore, and you can argue with me all you want, but you can't change my preferences towards where I want to go, and I shall not force you to like the countries that I want to go to! When I first met people from Latin and South America, especially when I was living in US (one dream fulfilled, at least), I knew I wanted to go there! Something about their energy and exciting attitude just lit up with me! Their fun, exciting and sexy language (Brazilian Portuguese, especially!), music and culture made me scream so much happiness that it was enough to convince me to go visit their countries!
This quote really spoke to me because I realized that traveling has made me more happy than any other material thing!
Coming from a country that was colonized by the Spaniards for over 300 years before the Americans, I can relate to Latinos SO MUCH MORE compared to my other Asian neighbours! I find many Asian countries WAY TOO conservative and strict for me. I like people who are more spontaneous and wild! I love Spanish language and have been taking many opportunities to learn it since I was much younger! I have given other Asian countries a chance particularly Japan, and have fallen in love with that country, too! That's why I have coming back because I am not yet done exploring there! But here's the thing: Japan's got a lot of Brazilians there as well as other Latin Americans there like Mexicans, Guatemalans, Peruvians, and Venezuelans! I have met many of them out of nowhere whenever I am in Japan, and moments like signal to me that I must visit their countries!
Latin food! This is the type of food that I crave for! So difficult to find a good latin roasted chicken with rice and potatoes or pollo asado con arroz, salsa chimichurri y patatas bravas in Spanish!
Having a boss that was originally from Peru back in US, I got a big chunk of Latino culture from her from their food (ceviche and lomo saltado is heavenly!) to their music (I love Alma Bella and Maluma's songs!). I have expanded my network of friends simply because I am not afraid to meet people from all over the world! A lot of people are asking me how come I want to visit these super far away countries instead of the countries nearby? I have never been to Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia! The only Southeast Asian country I have been to is Thailand! And that was back in 2009! In fact, I have been to more countries that needed me to get a visa, than to countries where I didn't need a visa! I haven't really traveled around Philippines much! Hell, I haven't been to Boracay since 2007, and this whole year 2017, I did not even travel anywhere domestically! But you know what? Those countries and provinces are always going to be there! I can visit those countries when I am older because they are much more accessible unlike countries outside of Asia! Save up for countries that you really want to go to. If it feels right for you, go for it!
Churrasco beef steak has so much zesty, unique and citrusy flavors for me! The Latinos food is just as spicy and exciting as their people are! Ay que rico!!!
What makes me come alive lately? Well apart from exercising, being in the kitchen and traveling, getting to know people from different cultural backgrounds! Japan as well has made me come alive and ignited my passion for exploring! I wanted to find friends from Brazil and I was always constantly asking people if they know anyone, and low and behold: several people actually were introduced to me, and immediately, I become friends with them! I wanted to share my love and passion for a country that I have never been to, yet I could relate to so much simply because their music, food and culture fascinates me! My friends from Japan have been like family to me, and I have even become friends with Japanese people based in Manila simply because I was unafraid to ask for what I really want! Who cares if anybody says it's weird?! It's your life! Surround yourself with people that make you feel happy to be yourself. You have every right to make your personal choices, and to be friends with people you actually like, and not just because they have a good social status or a lot of money or something! How shallow are you for you to be friends with someone just because of those silly factors?
The friends you randomly meet at parties may have the most interesting background stories, and I think that will just help you to bond with each other more!
I went to Fukuoka, Japan recently and my friend Ai-san was kind enough to meet me at the airport and show me around her city! Don't be afraid to make friends from a different cultural background from yours!
I have been to North America and Europe, and when I was there, I always had a craving for more! I am thankful to have travelled to the places I have been to, but now, I want to make more of my travel dreams and bucket lists come true this 2018! I have seen pictures of Ipanema beach, the Carnaval Parade and videos of Brazilian funk, dance, and twerking as well as the Peruvian food and Machu Picchu! I will not let anyone dictate to me where I should go anymore! If I have a gut feeling for a certain country and it makes me scream with so much happiness and joy when I see videos of it, then I will want to go there. I am someone who fulfills promises and keeps my word. And if there is something that excited you, makes you come alive and makes you feel happy to be alive, then just go do it! Make everyday a day that is meaningful for you, that feels good for you! Life is so short, and it can just pass by you so quickly without even noticing it! I don't want to be afraid anymore of countries that I want to go to. I don't want to spend on meaningless things and be materialistic like many people in society are! I want to live my life and do more of what makes me happy instead of what society thinks should make me happy!
Meet people that you're not used to talking to! Surround yourself with people of different cultural backgrounds, and you might be surprised with what you will get! =)
Cannot believe I met Pedro all the way from Brazil! Distance, cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and different races shouldn't stop you from being friends. Being around different races really makes you more open-minded and tolerant! 
Meeting people like Trisha Velarmino from PS I'm On My Way blog just made me want to go to South America even more! Who cares how far it is, or that I am there for just a couple weeks? The experience I will get there is something that money cannot buy! I have already found several people interested to go with me, as well as saving up for that! Prioritize what you really want, find ways to get it, be unafraid to ask for help, and NEVER GIVE UP! It may have taken years for me to achieve some countries on my bucket list, but it's been worth it for me because I have gotten special, wonderful experiences and moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life! I will just keep on traveling even more. And personally, I think that is a life well lived! I wish you guys a wonderful Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and soon: a Happy New Year! Make 2018 YOUR YEAR!
Nagasaki, Japan was a city that I really wanted to go to despite others not agreeing with me! The natural beauty, peacefulness and atmosphere there made me so happy to be there!
Artwork I saw in my country! Boa noite Brasil! I promise to make my dreams come true and to go for the places that I really want to go to! <3

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