Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Follow Your Heart, Do What Makes You Happy

Kiyomizu dera in Kyoto, Japan, 2020. Felt so much peace and happiness there!
Hi there. I haven't done much write ups lately because I been out and around exploring or just not having the motivation to stay put and write something. I wanted to say something: this life moves at such a fast pace. One day, your life will just come flashing at you in an instant, and next thing you know, the people you may know and love may not be there anymore. Aside from that, the chances you had to travel or explore anywhere may not be there as well. I take each day as a day to do things that make me happy and feel good because when you are feeling good, it's easier to be nicer and kinder to others. What makes me happy lately? Well: cooking, baking, dancing, traveling, partying, making friends from all over the world, trying out new stuff. The list goes on!
Not everybody gets to experience Sydney, Australia. So when you're at Sydney Opera House, just appreciate it!
So when your heart is calling for something, you follow it right? A lot of us don't really pursue our ultimate bucket list because of many reasons such as budget, finances, priorities and as well as other obligations that prevent you from doing what you really want to do! It's time you start doing more of what feels good for you, despite other people's opinions about it. One step at a time. Save up by getting rid of things that don't spark joy in your life. Cut certain people out of your life who bring out the stress in you, and not the best in you. I know we live in a society that gets jealous easily and likes to compare ourselves to other people, as well as judge others. We even do that towards others, too. We also tend to be very materialistic, but we have to learn to let go of those things, and focus on doing what makes you happy. Even if it means having to do it by yourself.
Certain cities will make an impact in your life. They will make you feel a sense of belonging like Melbourne did!
My hobbies aren't the typical watching movies, playing basketball or badminton, or even watching basketball live or on TV, or playing video games. They include things like taking dance classes, learning languages, going out and partying with people from everywhere, and even just relaxing at a park. Funny thing is: I feel more at home in places like Japan or Brazil sometimes than in my own home country, Philippines! Maybe it's the weather, the food, or not having to prove to anyone anything. And I love that. I love being at places where you can be yourself, and where you can just go and not have to worry about people voicing their opinions about you. It may seem weird to others that I surround myself with people so foreign to me, and yet love them just as much as my own, but to me, I feel like I can be friendly towards anyone who is approachable and willing to talk to me.

When you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city, places like Arashiyama Bamboo Forest really relaxes you!
"Enjoy, travel, enjoy your journeys, see new places, give yourself the pleasures you deserve. Allow dogs to get closer. Don’t put away the fine glassware. Utilize the new dinnerware; don’t save your favorite perfume, use it to go out with yourself; wear out your favorite sport shoes; repeat your favorite clothes." I saw this at a social media post titled as "Gentle Reminder by Pope Francis". Although I'm not sure this post was actually said or written by him, the whole entire message was very uplifting and encouraging for me. I could quote many of them more here, but the point is: you need to stop depriving yourself of certain happiness or pleasures in your life, and start living your life the way you want to! *Link to the full quote will be posted down below.
Learn to appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer. Like these Sakura Cherry Blossom flowers in Hiroshima, Japan! 
Personally for me, I don't do local or domestic travel so much cause I feel like I am young. I have the energy, physical and mental capacity to surround myself with new places and new cultures. I can do local travel when I'm much older like 40 or 50 years old. Traffic is such a big factor for me. I simply lose the will to go explore anywhere local simply cause of the unbearable traffic going to certain places. Hence why I haven't been to certain places locally like Baguio or even Bicol. I enjoy beaches no doubt, but I enjoy beaches that are accessible just by a quick road trip, and not one where you have to fly out and spend a lot at an expensive resort to enjoy. Colder weather is also a preference for me, such as experiencing some snow or feeling windy breeze. I like getting unique experiences that I can't get at my home country. It's just my personal preference to go explore the great big world around me, which to me is worth it.
Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia! Invest in breathtaking moments and experiences. Those memories stay with you!
So far in my life, I have applied for visas so much to the point that it's become routine for me. It would be nice to have a better passport, but so far, getting those visas has been worth it for me. One of the things I learn when I travel really far and go on long haul flights is to be patient. I know people who can't stand to wait, and want things instantly in front of them. And I know many of them aren't happy cause they haven't gotten what they want because they are unwilling to be patient and unwilling to compromise as well! I have learned that certain places are worth waiting for, which is why you need to be patient, and just keep learning and growing as a person. You want to go to a certain country that needs a visa? Then do your research, find out the things that you need, and take that huge risk to go out and get those visas to see the world! We're only in this world for such a short amount of time, so you shouldn't waste it doing the same things, and surrounding yourself with people who don't make you feel good and don't help you to become a better person. Don't waste your energy trying to please others who wouldn't even lift a finger for you.
Unique experiences like taking a selfie with a deer just roaming around Nara, Japan are really special for me!
I am very thankful for the friends that I currently have in my life, as well as the family that doesn't judge me, and just accepts me as I am. My friends may not be people I went to school with in high school or college, but the friends I have now are friends that I feel like are family to me as well. We may not come from the same backgrounds, but I think that's part of the beauty of growing as a person. Especially during this lockdown and quarantine time due to coronavirus, you really learn to appreciate who your real friends are, as well as the family you talk to. I use this time to look back at all the things I've done, and all the places I have been to. I think I've done pretty good exploring this great big world around us. Live life with no regrets. The bad moments you had can be used to learn and become a better person. They can be used to appreciate all the great moments you had, making them even more special. Having meaningful friends and family during times like this really help with getting through tough times. Learn to surround yourself with people who make you feel good.
Learn to make friends who truly care about you, and who actually make the effort to meet and spend time with you.

After this lockdown, I really hope that you can learn to stop delaying things you've always wanted to go, and just do them! I am no longer doubting and having second thoughts about where I want to go, and what I want to do. Being in this lockdown made me appreciate the brave people who go out there, who clean and provide services for us, those who provide food, necessities, and healthcare for us, and those who keep uplifting us and motivating us to persevere during these tough times. Work your way into pursuing your goals, ambitions, and dream destinations. I no longer want to hear but I'm too afraid to do it on my own, or I'm not good enough. This lockdown reminds us all that we need to stop doubting ourselves, delaying our passions, and start just doing it. Take that first step!
Brighton Bathing Boxes in Melbourne, Australia. Appreciate the creative artist who made this!
I would like to end this post with another quote I got from the "Gentle Reminder by Pope Francis": "So what? That’s not bad. Why not now? Why not pray now instead of waiting until before you sleep? Why not call now? Why not forgive now? We wait so long for Christmas; for Friday; for Reunions; for another year; for when I have money; for love to come; when everything is perfect… look… Everything perfect doesn’t exist. Human beings can’t accomplish this because it simply was not intended to be completed here. Here is an opportunity to learn." Have the courage to be yourself, and to pursue what really makes you happy in life. May you go out there, discover, explore, and live the life you've always wanted.
Fushimi Inari Shrines, Kyoto, Japan. Some places just makes you feel peaceful and happy like this place did for me!
*Here is the link to the full message of the "Gentle Reminder":
Did Pope Francis Write the ‘Gentle Reminder’ Message?

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