Thursday, October 1, 2020

I Learned to Cut My Own Hair, and You Should Try, Too!

Been a challenge, but I've enjoyed learning to cut my own hair!

During the lockdown, did you ever feel frustrated that your hair started growing longer and longer, and due to the pandemic, you couldn't have it cut? I felt that. I'm sure you may have had a new goal, and that is to trying growing it as long as you can, and maybe decide later on whether or not you want to chop it all off, and donate it. However, I have already done that back in 2017 when I grew the top part of my hair for 2 1/2 years. So having experienced that, I don't plan to grow my hair at least 12 inches again anytime soon. It's hot where I live most of the time, and having long hair can be frustrating and itchy, especially when you are someone who sweats quickly like me.

My hair grows really fast: I used to get a haircut once every 4-5 weeks, but just mostly my sideburns, and back part! How often do you get your haircut? And on average, how much does it cost? Getting a haircut at a hair salon or barbershop can be expensive because you're basically paying for a service done by a group of people. In Philippines, the average haircut at a barbershop or salon is around PHP 250 or around $5 USD and up plus tips. The money you pay goes not only to the person cutting your hair, but also the person showering your hair after, sweeping the hair on the floor, and even the person managing the cash register, and the person who owns the entire business who has to pay rent and the rest of the bills. Maybe it's cheap for you, but can you imagine how much money you'd save if you invested on hair clippers, scissors and other equipment, and just do it!
This was the first time I cut my own hair ever since 2014!

Now I understand that not everybody is able to do this, especially people who are missing limbs or have Parkinson's disease, seizures, etc. But if you've got 2 working hands, patience, and the will to learn, you'd be surprised at what you can do! Back when I used to live overseas in US, the average haircut in my state would cost around $9-16 USD and up! That's just for the basic haircut or shave, and doesn't even include the showering and blow dry! Other developed countries costs even higher, and can go as high as $100 USD, especially when you want to dye your hair a different color or even bleach, perm or rebond it! I get some people want to pamper themselves, and do that kind of service. However, if you're the type of person who just wants to have a basic haircut because you just want short and clean hair, then maybe learning to cut your own hair would be great for
It seemed like an almost impossible thing to do, and it does feel scary knowing that you’re doing something that will be slightly permanent on you. But when you think about it, it’s just hair! It will eventually grow back, and even if you made a mistake, it’s not like anybody will see you anytime soon! Most interviews and meetings are now conducted online because everyone is avoiding mass gatherings because of the pandemic! Cutting my own hair just so happen to come at the right time: it was super sale season at the Shopee app! I knew they were selling hair clippers, shavers, and hair salon scissors there since I have seen several people buy all kinds of things there! So I thought to myself: my brother shaves his own hair, and the hairstyle that I have is generally easy to maintain (top knot/man bun style as I'm typing this), so why not take the risk? And even if I make a mistake, it's gonna grow back eventually, and it's not like you'll be always out in public!
I may look calm here, but deep down, part of me was a bit
So there I went: purchased the rechargeable hair clippers, scissors set with clips, brushes, and even a coat piece to block the hairs shaven from sticking to your body! All that for less than PHP 1500 or around $30 USD. It's a nice investment for me because you will be constantly using it many times. Once it finally arrived, I started taking the risk, and trying to cut and shave the sides and back of my own hair! And not only do I use it, but also my parents especially for my dad, and my other siblings and nieces who want to use the scissor set to trim the ends off of their hairs. It can be messy at times, but if you plan ahead, it's actually not that bad! I place newspapers all around the floor, prepare the sweeper and dustpan, and several mirrors in my bathroom to guide myself as I shave, cut and trim! With the help of several Youtube videos available for guides, I just needed to trust my gut and instincts, and have the confidence to make that move!
The part that frustrated me most was the hair nearest to my ear
Several videos on Youtube such as How To Cut Your Own Hair Step by Step- Simple Fades by Jensen Tung, Haircut Tutorials by alpha m., Hairdressers Guide by Brad Mondo, or Easiest Self-Haircut 2020 by Tips for Clips- Haircutting. They are very detailed in giving tips and important notes when it comes to cutting your own hair. TAKE YOUR TIME. It may be a scary feeling because there is no turning back when shaving and cutting your own hair. Be patient. One thing that helps with cutting my own hair is attaching the hair clipper attachment combs to attach on the blade that comes with the package. It depends on how short you want your sides to be. I usually put it at a number 1 attachment since I like my sides and back really short.
Thinning scissors really help especially for those with thick
Next comes the mirrors. Lucky for me I have several mirrors in my bathroom from the mirror by the sink, to the mirror attached to my wall, and to the full bodied mirrors I got in my room with the sliding doors for my clothes cabinet. But in all honesty, you just need a mirror on the wall like the one by your sink, and a small handheld mirror to look at yourself closely. Take out any unnecessary things on the floor while cutting your hair such as carpets, rugs or any bathroom mats as the bits of hair shaven are difficult to remove there. Just have newspapers and sweepers ready there. Once I made that first move, it felt so satisfying for me! It felt almost like how you get your hair cut at the barbershop, but just a little nerve wrecking since you're doing it yourself! The really difficult ones to shave are the hair bits near the center where your long hairs are at. That one is fine to not shave off, since you can easily cut the off with the scissors. Focus on the main sides and back parts near the neck area. The fades are done once you have shaved the sides
I've gone to realize that I'm one of those people who look better with really short sides!
Keep an eye on the shape of your heard. The best guide to getting great looking sides is to pretend that there is a ruler attached to the side of your head. The shaver is just gliding on that made up ruler. The shape of your head will determine what kind of sideburns looks best for you. The back part is really the most difficult part here since your view there is very limited. That's where the bigger mirrors would help! But for the first part, I used my left hand as a guide to stop my right hand from shaving the longer parts of my hair in the center! The top part of your back hair is really difficult to neatly shave, so you can always have someone trim the extra bits off there. Place yourself behind the big mirror you have available. Use the handheld mirror to look at your face, and your head from behind. Take your time with this part because it's a really difficult part to cut.

For me, I didn't really learn to be comfortable with cutting my own hair until after the third or fourth attempt! One thing I got from cutting my own hair was confidence! I had the confidence to know that whatever I do to it, it will always grow back, and if ever I made a mistake, it's fine because it's lockdown during a pandemic, and it can always be fixed later on. I usually like doing things on my own so that way, I would only blame myself, and take responsibilities for my mistakes. Once I was done with shaving the sides and back cleanly, I would immediately trim the uneven bits of hair that the clippers couldn't get, and then just thin out the ends of my center hair. The feeling of taking a shower right after a haircut is so satisfying, especially when you've done it yourself!
You really have to keep practicing if you want to be able to get a neater cut here!

I know several people that cut their own hair these days even before lockdown started. It really does save a lot of money, and it really feels satisfying to know that you have developed a new skill that you can do not only to yourself, but to others as well since not everyone will be comfortable enough to cut their own hair. Constantly keep watching video guides and listen to others who have cut their own hair as well. Sharing information will help strengthen your confidence with cutting, styling, and caring for your own
From watching all the haircut guides, I learned that the best compliment you can get is none. None meaning no one saying anything after people see you after you cut your own hair. It means that your haircut is fine! I learned to believe in myself after experiencing a bad haircut at the hair salon. I learned that it's really your own self that knows what feels good and comfy when it comes to what kind of haircut and hairstyle you want. I'm sure that you will be able to do it, and through trial, error and experience, you will be able to confidently cut your own hair in no time!
It's not perfect, but it's a clean cut that helps save time and money, especially during this pandemic!


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